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EnviroTurfDF: EnviroTurfDF is a strategically blended combination of tough EnvirotTurfM and soft EnviroTurfSF. Superior appearance, feel, playability, consistency, and longevity come together in our EnviroTurfDF. EnviroMax is a 46oz product with the same triple ply backing used throughout the EnviroTurf line. Unique to EnviroTurf, EnviroTurfDF combines the best features of EnviroTurfM and EnviroTurfSF, offering a field that is lush, beautiful, and durable.

EnviroTurfM: EnviroTurfM sets the standard for resilience and performance in an extruded fiber. It provides the look and feel of natural grass and reduces glare due to the dispersement of light reflection while providing superior ball roll after extensive use. We use 46oz of fiber with at least 28oz of polyurethane over a three ply backing. The extruded fiber offers the ultimate combination in softness and durability, giving it an unsurpassed, grass-like quality.

EnviroTurfSF: Specifically designed to withstand intense use while retaining the softness and playing characteristics that today’s student athelete desires. The natural looking fiber is recommended for installations experiencing more than thirty hours of use per week. Tough is the best word that describes EnviroTurfSF. This product is composed of from 40-46oz of polyethylene fiber with a three ply backing. The maximum fiber coverage provides a beautiful appearance while reducing rubber “fly up.”


Extruded Fiber: Our true extruded monofilament product is a beefy 350 microns thick as opposed to the usual under 200. This extra girth, combined with a unique bow shape, gives this remarkable fiber the ablity to stand erect long after most monofilament fibers have fallen over (the primary weakness of monofilament fibers). Futhermore, there are no "spines" or "indentations" to weaken the fiber. In fact, when competitors are bragging about Lisport test results of 25,000 cycles, this fiber has withstood up to an astounding 100,000 cycles. Again, having NATURE AS OUR MODEL has allowed us to find the optimal design for this most unique fiber.

Parallel Slit Film: Our parallel slit film fibrillated tape fiber is among the most durable and long lasting fibers on the market today and when brushed, the "fish net" design impedes rubber migration while reducing rubber fly-up. It is the perfect fiber for high usage areas and is usually offered as a 44 oz product. When combined with a triple layered 26 oz polyeurathane backing, it provides a wonderful playing surface for most applications.

When combined together, these two astounding fibers form the most grass-like product available today. Their unique properties limit rubber fly-up and migration, are incredibly durable, and since the two fibers of a slightly different shape, height and size, they emulate the perfect beauty of a well-manicured natural grass field. At ENVIROTURF, we strive to continually improve. These fibers are the result of that committment.