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Project Funding

At EnviroTurf, we appreciate that for many prospective clients, the availability of the funds necessary to implement a multi-use sports field is simply not available within their budgets. While the benefits are many and the needs are great, the simple truth is that a project of this scope is often not feasible without creative help. The EnviroTurf team is uniquely positioned in the turf industry because we can provide that creative help. We partner with clients to develop campaigns tailored to best meet their objectives and funding requirements. Please contact us for more information about how we can help. We would like to share with you the success stories other organizations like yours have achieved in funding their projects and you’ll learn why EnviroTurf is more than a great turf company.... A whole lot more!

Jim Bateman

601.664.1010 Madison,MS jbateman@enviroturfservices.com